Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Our activity this week

Hi All,

This week you may have seen us in the corridor by loafers. We've been doing three things.

1. Raising awareness about PBSI
2. Asking people to sign a pledge against PBSI
3. Looking for international students who have suffered personally because of the new laws.

At the moment, we feel this last point is the most important. We've had responses from several students which indicates a fair number of international students are being unfairly harassesed as they try and enter the UK. We're appealing for all students who have experienced unfair and unwarranted treatment to contact us and get involved. We are aiming to set up a support page to give students information on their rights and advice on the best courses of action. So if you have been affected, leave a comment or email us at

Tomorrow we have an organising meeting in RHB 138 at 5pm. On the agenda we'll be discussing

-Strategies to publicise PBSI further within Goldsmiths
-Making links with other rights groups and universities. we're aiming for national co-ordination!
-Collecting student testimonies and offering legal advice and support
-details of our next public meeting (feb 10th top floor GSU) and details of a proposed teach in (sometime in March)
-anything else you feel warrants discussion.

Hope to see you there,

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